This is a small tutorial in how to pass parameters between vRO7 (vRealize Orchestrator) and vRA7 (vRealize Automation). In this example we will learn how to pass the IP address that vRA assigns to the VM into vRO so that we can make use if it in vRO to for example let vRO use it to configure a load balancer or any other external components you’d like to configure with vRO.

Open up the vRealize Orchestrator Client and Create a new workflow.

Create a new Input Parameter, give it a name and choose type String.


Write your script that uses the variable. In my case I will use a Scriptable task in vRO, I won’t be showing the code in this example.


It’s important to also bind the variable to the scriptable task, by clicking the IN tab on the scriptable task. Bind to workflow parameter and then bind the parameter to the scriptable task.


Now log into vRA, Create a New XAAS blueprint, Choose your vRO workflow and notice that your input parameter is there.



Publish your XaaS blueprint.

Create a Blueprint, add your VM(s), Networks and whatever you need, add your XaaS blueprint and connect it to your VM


Double Click on your XaaS and then click the input string, choose advanced settings, click Value: and choose field, then Define Field Values


Choose, Blueprint output, The name of the VM and then IP address


This will pass the IP address that vRA assigns to vRO and you will be able to use it in your scripts.


Feel free to contact RTS if you are in need of vRA/cRO expertise!