We recently turned Docker partners, so of course we have to start blogging about docker as well then!

I will try to write at least one post every other week for a while to introduce you to docker and show you some neat stuff to try out.

First off, here is how easy it is to get started with docker!


Trying docker in Windows or OSX is as easy as downloading the correct binary for your system from https://www.docker.com/products/docker-toolbox and installing it! This will install Oracle VM VirtualBox, Docker client for windows, Docker Toolbox management tool with ISO and some Git-tools.


Depending on your prefered linux dist you install Docker somewhat differently, but most of them now supports you just typing in the general package manager command to install followed by ‘docker’, for example “sudo apt-get install docker”, “yum install docker” or “zypper in docker” to get the latest supported version of Docker for your dist. You might also want to add the packages docker-machine, docker-swarm and maybe docker-bash-autocomplete if your dist has these!After installing, start the service, or, if you are going to use docker a lot, add it to your autostarting daemons.

Now, to test your installation, open the CLI for your OS (in windows the one installed by docker toolbox) and type in ‘docker run hello-world’ to see if it works! In linux you will most likely need to run this with sudo. To circumvent this you can create a docker group and add yourself to it. This however is still equivalent to running docker as root (since the docker daemon binds to a unix socket, which is owned by root, this is necessary), so this might have an unwanted impact on security. To read more about this check out https://docs.docker.com/engine/security/security/#docker-daemon-attack-surface.

hello-World in docker


Next post I will write about installing Docker Universal Control Plane, or UCP, locally on your machine. If you can’t wait for more stuff to test out or read about docker until then, here are some links for you to check out!





-Peter Hedman