Some days ago, I ran into multiple problems when deploying vSAN clusters at a customer site. The customer uses a proxy to connect to the Internet. I did configure the VUM proxy but each time I tried to fetch the healtcheck recommendations it failed. To access the internet. The solution for this is to:

  1. Login to vCenter with SSH
  2. Start rvc
  3. Run “ /vCenter/Datacenter/Computers/Cluster –host=proxyservername –port=XXXX” to configure the proxy server for vSAN

Here you replace:

  • vCenter with your vCenter name
  • Datacenter with your Datacenter name
  • Cluster with your vSAN Enabled cluster name
  • Proxyservername with your proxyserver fqdn
  • Port with the port of the proxy server

After this I was able to update the vSAN HCL DB over the Internet.

Then I ran into a new problem, I really wanted to be able to use the excellent new feature in vSAN to download and update HBA firmwares. But when I went to Update manager to remediate the cluster I would expect to have a freshly created baselines with firmwares for my vSAN cluster… Instead I got the error message:

“Unexpected VMware Update Manager (VUM)baseline creation failure. Please check vSAN and VUM logs for details

To solve this, I manually downloaded the json file from:

Then I clicked my way down to “Monitor, vSAN/Health, vSAN build recommendation Health, vSAN release catalog up-to-date and uploaded the previously downloaded file.

I went back to VUM and there I had a freshly created baseline for my firmware.

I patched all the hosts and enjoyed the easy life of patching firmware’s through VUM 😊

/Johan Blom